Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Woman I Want to Be

“I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I 

always knew the woman I wanted to be.

 -Diane Von Furstenberg

This quote brought me back to the young girl I once was, setting up miscellaneous groceries in our play room and forcing my siblings to purchase items from me. I specifically remember re-arranging the cans of chicken noodle soup to entice my sister into adding additional cans to her plastic shopping cart. 

While many other children (and parents) saw me as a bossy chubster, all I saw was the woman that I wanted to be: a strong business woman who lead others to finding success.

Many years later, I find myself with a degree in Food and Resource Economics and a career in management for a food delivery service. The best part- the journey is just beginning. 

Whenever I was unsure of myself, my mother would have me write down all the characteristics of who I was right now and all the characteristics of the woman I wanted to be. Images of a strong, powerful business woman would become so clear in my mind as I wrote down all the traits that I thought a strong business woman would have.

Funny story- when I began liking boys, my mom would have me write down a list of characteristics that I wanted in a man to guide me in my dating selections. I still have lists from 15-year-old Karli that include, "captain of the swim team, holds the door open for others, and swings with me". 

I still use this exercise today to understand who I am in this moment and who I want to become (yes, I also use it for dating). I encourage all of you to take a few moments to write a list of who you are now and who you want to be. Then use this to build your future resume. And don't limit yourself.

Monday, July 27, 2015

FDA's Proposed Sugar Label- A Win for Health

Many consumers are not aware of the amount of sugar they are eating. Yes, there are obvious foods that we know contain sugar, like ice cream and cake. The problem sugars are the ones that consumers are not as aware of. For example, did you know that a serving of yogurt can contain 20g of sugar? This is sometimes because of fruit that is added to the product, but they also add extra sugar to give your taste buds a whirl. 

All this added sugar is contributing to our nations obesity levels and is leaving consumers without enough information to make decisions. 

Fabulous news!

FDA has proposed a new label that shows how many added sugars are in the foods that we are eating. The label will also give the consumer an idea of how this food contributes to the recommended amount of sugar intake in a day. For example, if a food has 65g of sugar, it might show 135% of daily recommendation, which is obviously more than the consumer should be having. 

I am hoping this will allow for our consumers to have more knowledge and make better choices about the foods they are consuming. I am also hoping that it sparks concern in individuals to begin reading labels and understanding what they are putting into their body. Nonetheless, I am happy that the FDA is taking ownership in providing the consumers with enough information to make these decisions. 


Another interesting article:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What is Health?

A Kick-Start Breakfast

According to Webster's Dictionary, health is described as: 
  • the condition of being well or free from disease
  • the overall condition of someone's body or mind
  • the condition or state of something
There is one word that is used in all three of those definitions: condition. Health is a condition. What is a condition? Webster's Dictionary describes  the state of being conditional as: 
  • showing or used to show that something is true or happens only if something else is true or happens
This means that our health, or our state of wellness, happiness, etc..., is only existent if we contribute to it. Health is not only dependent on the 3-day juice cleanse that you did to rid your body of toxins or the diet that you performed for 2 weeks to weigh a few pounds less. It is something that you must contribute to every day. 

How do we contribute to our health? To be blunt, food is a large part of an individual's health. To say it simply, everything you put into your body will provide you with the energy (or feeling) that you have afterwards. Let's make it even simpler-- If you eat something unhealthy, you will feel unhealthy. 

When I first thought of this I had a small panic attack. I was worried that I had to give up chocolate and Thai food for the rest of my life if I wanted to be healthy. But friends, diets are not the answer. Moderation and life changes are the answer. 
My mom was adamant about a couple things while I was growing up. First, she wanted me to treat everyone with kindness. Second, she wanted me to take care of my body. She would say, "Karli, your health is the only thing you truly own in this world."

A few moments to enjoy a latte and journal after a yoga class. These moments make me smile. (yes, my background is a kick-ass picture of me shooting a gun)

Like most people, I've struggled with weight. Even now, I am not satisfied as I continue to push my health to new goals and achievements. But one thing is certain: I love my body and I do a very good job of contributing to it every day. For example, I haven't and never will give up Thai food, but I treat myself to my favorite lamb curry after a long day of hiking. 9.5 times out of 10 I will go home and make a healthy meal instead of eating food that isn't genuine. 

I believe that these are the lifestyle choices that we must make if we want to live life to the fullest. I encourage everyone to own their health. What does this mean? 
  • Create a workout that you enjoy doing, and do it regularly
  • Experiment new, genuine recipes that make you feel satisfied and alive
  • Learn something new that you've wanted to apply to a resume
  • Take a moment to be thankful for something in your life. Maybe even share it with someone.
  • Live a life that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning! 

I have so much fun taking care of my health. My passion for exercise and healthy eating is what propels me towards many of my adventures. For example, my passion for hiking takes me to different places all over the world. My passion for music straps me  to my piano each weekend, practicing new songs and singing out loud with myself. It is in these moments that I find myself and love the life I am living. 
Here is my challenge to you- choose one thing the rest of July that will contribute to your health. I am training for a race, so my one thing is to run every other day day, even if I only run 100 steps.